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Turn Key Kit

Pieces 14
Material T6 6061 High Grade Aircraft Aluminum
Pins 20 Stainless Steel Lock Pins
Weight 95lbs
Chambers 3
Material 0.9mm PVC / HD 1.2mm
Diameter 19"
Length 11'
Weight 24lbs


What are the pontoons made of?

Standard pontoons are 0.9mm PVC. HD Pontoons are 1.2mm PVC. HD military grade pontoons are 1.2mm Hypalon.

What is the frame system made of?

High grade aircraft aluminum.

Does it come with an air pump?

Each kit comes standard with a 12V electric and manual foot pump.

How much does the kit weigh?

Approximate ATV travel weight 140lbs.

Does it come with the outboard motor kicker?

The outboard motor kicker is available as an accessory and is recommended for optimal performance on the water.

How big of motor can I mount on the kicker?

The outboard motor kicker is rated for a 6HP 4 stroke motor and has a safe working load rating of 65lbs.

Does it require any tools to install?

This system requires no tools to install.

How long does it take to install?

Depending on each person’s mechanical ability is should take less than 30 minutes to install.

Can I travel long distances on land with the system installed?

Short distances can be travelled across land with the system installed but it was designed to be installed at the water’s edge prior to entering the water and removed directly after exiting the water.

Will this system fit my ATV?

This system will fit any standard factory ATV as long as it has fully enclosed footwells. This system was not designed for racing or heavily modified ATV’s that do not come with fully enclosed footwells.

If I don’t hunt and fish how else could I enjoy this product?

This product will allow you to explore farther not having to worry about water obstructions. Great to take out onto a lake just floating around maybe reading a book and relaxing, enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

Is this item easy to use for women?

Absolutely! If you are smaller in size or have physical limitations, seniors etc., it is easy to place the carrying bag onto your ATV first, load the bag with the parts, secure the bag to your ATV and off you go. Once you reach your destination unpack the bag first, install it on your ATV and head out onto the water. With the ATV pontoon system, there is a detailed installation guide to help you install, remove and care for the entire system.

Can I still enjoy this if I don’t purchase an outboard motor?

Yes! Although an outboard motor is recommended for easier navigation on water, your ATV tires will also propel your ATV on the water enough to cross small bodies of water etc. It is recommended that you stay closer to shore and be aware of bad weather and windy conditions.

What is your warranty?

Water Traxx Inc. has a 12 month limited warranty that covers each new and unused Inflatable ATV Pontoon system ensuring it is free from any defect in material or workmanship for the warranty period starting from the date of purchase, and or under normal use and service by the original purchaser.

Do you offer replacement parts?

Yes. Every part and accessory pertaining to the Water Traxx inflatable pontoon system is available as a replacement part if damaged or lost.

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